Testing and Deployment

To test Phoebus in a live network setting with real applications and users, the project leveraged a 10 Gigabit wave on Internet2’s IP Network. Phoebus Gateways were deployed at various Points-of-Presence (POP) locations. With this configuration, the development team demonstrated significant improvement in throughput when testing the effectiveness of the Phoebus infrastructure using several data transfer and network testing applications, including GridFTP and Iperf.

As a result, Internet2 is deploying Phoebus technology as a part of its networking infrastructure in its IP router nodes and plans to continue deployment at its optical sites to facilitate greater adoption of new DCN among its members.

Other national and regional research networks worldwide like NYSERNet, ESnet, GÉANT2, RNP (Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa) in Brazil, and GLORIAD (in partnership with KiSTi in Korea) are also working to further explore and implement the technology.